The RHVFD Seeks New Members

The Round Hill Volunteer Fire Department (RHVFD) is looking for dedicated men and women in and around our community who would like to help friends and neighbors stay safe, and help spread the joy of being a part of a great community.

Round Hill has a "grand" pride and spirit. You can see it when waving to neighbors out walking the dog, or having a tasty bite at Tammy’s Diner. Some may be strangers, others are very dear friends. There is always a smile, a wave, or a simple nod of salutation. That is the safe and friendly feeling, and the value of a community, however brief the moment may be.

At the end of each day, we settle into our homes for the quiet evening ahead never giving thought to those not so quiet moments that can occur. The unexpected injury from a fall, the diabetic home alone and in distress, or the sudden shrill of an alarm announcing fire and smoke. It can bring great comfort to know that when such cries for help ring out, you'll soon hear the sirens signaling help is on its way, quick as a wink.

And when that help arrives, who are those brave and selfless people coming to the rescue? They will often be the faces of close friends, neighbors, or even the strangers you've seen out walking their dogs, or nodding a "Good Morning" at Tammy's Diner. These dedicated individuals are members of the RHVFD who give their valuable time and energy to help keep the community safe from harm.

Round Hill greatly relies on these tireless individuals and every day citizens, who balance full time jobs, stressful time consuming careers, and families, to serve their community with excellence while asking for nothing in return. Over the decades this small community has grown by leaps and bounds. And the growing need to be ready to serve has also grown. The RHVFD now supports an incredible 50+ square miles, and needs to be on the ready to respond to river water rescues, wildfires, treacherous falls on the Appalachian Trails, air disasters, and of course the occasional pet stuck in a tree.

But the RHVFD doesn't only support the community by answering the calls for heroism. Some serve as support staff giving their time to organize and conduct community outreach care and events, fundraisers, and on occasion are needed to lend a hand on the canteen to assist the Fire and Rescue crew at more difficult calls for help.

By becoming a member of the RHVFD, you can help make a difference. Offering your time to be a Firefighter, Emergency Medical Technician, or simply take on an Administrative position, you can answer the call in many ways. When you are a volunteer member, the RHVFD provides uniforms, equipment, and training, completely free of charge. Other benefits include a retirement program, and the waiving of personal property tax on one personal vehicle, all based on the minimum number of hours served. The biggest benefit is working and playing with other members of the community who share your dedication. And you may give us as much, or as little, time that your precious schedule will allow.

Come and help answer the call!!

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Our Location

The RHVFD in Round Hill is 12 miles West of Leesburg, VA and 23 miles East of Winchester, VA.

View our location on Google Maps, or download this PDF containing general written directions.

*** The RHVFD is NOT the Round Hill Community Fire and Rescue Company in Winchester Virginia ***

Can't Volunteer?

There are other ways you can "Help Us, Help The Community!"

We realize that many folks can't volunteer their time due to other commitments - jobs, family, vacations, and a schedule full of activities. However, there is another way you can help.

Please consider making a monetary donation to the RHVFD. Funds are needed for ongoing maintenance of the building, vehicles and equipment, and for ordering supplies used on fire and rescue calls.

Please donate by check or online via our Donate page. The RHVFD is a 501(c)3 organization, so your donations are tax deductible.

Thank you for donating!

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Returning Veterans

The RHVFD....

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  • President: Jeffrey Fitzgerald
  • Vice President: Fenton Simpson
  • Secretary: Betty Dodge
  • Treasurer: Ted Spara
  • Fire Chief: Eric Carroll
  • Asst. Fire Chief: Ted Spara
  • Rescue Chief: Karin Mercendetti
  • Asst. Rescue Chief: Vacant

Board Members

  • Jeffrey Fitzgerald
  • Ted Spara
  • Eric Carroll
  • Karin Mercendetti
  • Richard Wolfe (Administrative)
  • Kim Walker (Operational)

Citizen Board Members

  • Bill Poindexter
  • Mike Zukowski
  • Jonas Skinner